what is the “retail incubator”

The Garage at Cleveland Corner is a rotating line-up of the city’s up-and-coming retail concepts. A one-of-a-kind experience where entrepreneurs develop and grow new retail ideas in a low risk, supportive space that fosters learning and growth. We provide the space, mentorship, and dedicated resources; you provide the must-see qualities that will grow your idea into a thriving street-level business.


our mission

Attract new businesses that provide needed/desired services or products within downtown to address demand of residents, employees and visitors, as well as increase foot traffic and create a viable commercial core.

Contribute to the overall value of downtown by encouraging retail, which makes downtown a more vibrant, sustainable, livable place and adds value to other businesses and investments in downtown.


do you have what it takes?

A Cleveland Corner tenant business is fresh, innovative, and not afraid to bend the rules of the traditional business model. The strongest applicants will have concepts that embrace new business ideas and the ability to thrive in the modern era. Ones that create unique experiences, products, and services. We want entrepreneurs who understand that the place they create is just as important as the product they offer. Above all, we’re looking for businesses that exemplify: incredible design, regular activation, and exceptional offerings.

what types of business are we looking for?


New retail businesses or existing retail businesses looking to expand current facilities by more than 30% which complements the downtown retail mix and help strengthen the existing retail clusters. Type of businesses eligible:


The following businesses are not eligible for the Retail Incentive Grant: bars, restaurants, financial services, offices, or any uses that do not allow for the sale of products or services to the general public. We retain discretion to consider stores that fall outside the above definition, but sell goods and serve a retail function for downtown that does not currently exist or is very limited. Additionally, as downtown adds new retailers with the above goods, DRA retains discretion to turn down applicants who provide goods already being sold in downtown or where no market demand is demonstrated.



what benefits will you receive?

$500 Start-up fund and 6 month tiered rent/utility subsidy equal to 30% of the first 6 months rent, short term rental contract equaling 10 months of operable business time, professional mentorship, co-promotion and cluster traffic with existing successful retailer, 1st Street signage, and grand opening press release.



ongoing requirements

As a Pop Up Retail business, your company agrees to maintain an active business, occupy the space listed above, and remains in good standing with property management. They will participate in monthly business check-ins, and provide business profile information (including employees, space investments, traffic counts and revenue) to help inform as to the need for and benefit of its assistance for the purpose of building small businesses in the Wichita core.

The Garage at Cleveland Corner is committed to engage with your company to facilitate its growth as a small business beyond the incubator term to expand, support and encourage retail presences in the Wichita core.


Be our next entrepreneur