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Tasha Hayes, owner of The Blackprint is a true visionary with a goal to change the retail landscape and unite the community by providing a platform for Black-owned artist and makers. Explore a special curated retail shop featuring unique goods that support over 20 Black-owned brands. 


The Garages is a “retail incubator” project put together with money from the Knight Foundation and with help from the Wichita Community Foundation. It’s designed to give entrepreneurs an easy and affordable way to get their businesses off the ground, providing low risk, supportive space that fosters learning, growth and mentorship.



Modern. Bold. Fluid. Elevated apparel for the unapologetic.


Eightball Fashion provides bold fashion trends, outfit ideas and inspiration to look and feel unique. Owner Janelle King custom curated all the styles to provide a selection of clothes both men and women are drawn too. Offering limited runs on garments, apparel is fresh and always changing, but you are guaranteed to show up uniquely you where ever you go.

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Owner and creator Heather started “Sew at Home Mom” in 2013, as more of a hobby than anything else. Originally, this included a wide variety of products, from t-shirts to toys to lunch bags. However, it became clear that there was something special about the stuffed animals.

Heather created her own patterns and made a look all her own. Gradually, more and more animal designs were incorporated. She changed the name to Feather B and started working weekly events at Kansas Grown! Inc., the largest member-owned market in the state.

As Feather B grew, consignment and wholesale was added to the business model. Today, we are lucky to have her as part of the Cleveland Corner shops through the Holidays.

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Enhance your interior space to create a more aesthetically pleasing and functional environment. JK Design owner Janelle King specializes in furniture selection and design, space planning and sewing services and can take your project from concept to completion. Janelle will be happy to do a design consultation, work with you on your new construction or remodeling project, give you color direction, design a room or your entire space.

Janelle invests in the solutions that work specifically for you and your design needs. Problem solving and troubleshooting are part of her forte. Restoring or acquiring the right material, fabric, color, or pattern is just one step towards a happy and efficient space. Let Janelle change the way you live and work with a space that truly inspires.